Mission Statement

Cryptocate is an innovative blockchain education and advisory company proudly based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are dedicated to: development of the blockchain ecosystem in Australia, improvement of consumer protection surrounding digital assets with education, and support of business growth with innovative new business models



There has never been a better time, with more need for creative solutions, than the age that we currently live in. Humanity has the capacity to overcome the many issues that our society and planet faces, and technology will help us get there. We believe in supporting innovation across all industries and support projects to realise their potential.


For a technology bringing about a new era of trust, the space is rife with scams, hacks and selfish actors. Cryptocate is passionate about fighting dishonesty in blockchain, and seeks to operate with the utmost transparency throughout our journey. We believe that open communication and honesty is crucial in building a new system of trust, and that starts with us.


Blockchain changes the way that we can collaborate as a species, making it easier to work together. This marks the beginning of a new type of digital community, but that does not change the importance of a local community. We want to help build Adelaide into a hub of collaboration and innovation – building strong connections in our city is the path to this.

Meet the Team



Blockchain captured his attention in early 2017 as a way to increase financial inclusion, improve inefficiencies in our aging system, and restore trust between institutions and individuals.

His background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science helped him to understand the complex systems that blockchain seeks to improve.

Callan co-founded Cryptocate in November 2017 after seeing the need for trustworthy education and has been riding the techno wave ever since. Outside of work, he enjoys yoga, gardening and exploring South Australia.


Marc is a strong believer in the power of collaboration and has a vision for a more equitable future driven by the advancement of trustless technologies such as blockchain.

Having completed 4 years of tertiary study in Mechanical Engineering and Finance, Marc draws on his systems solutions mindset to explore blockchain applications and enable others to put their best foot forward when implementing this new technology.

Outside of the office, Marc has a passion for music and loves to discover new artists as well as produce his own songs as a way to allow others to relate to his experience.


Tristan has more than 20 years experience in project management, logistics, and safety industries and possesses a critical mindset for deconstructing complex systems. His passion for system development results in practical solutions for businesses, while considering their risk profile.

When not working, Tristan has a passion for motorcycles and paintball, so if he’s not cruising through the hills, you’ll find him getting down and dirty on the paintball field.