If you are interested in a blockchain solution for your business, are starting a project from scratch, or have already started – talk to us about how we can help. We work closely with you to explore how blockchain is useful to your project, where it is most effective, and help implement industry best practices. Cryptocate provides you with knowledge and expertise to ensure your project’s success.


What are the key components you need to bring your blockchain project to life? Whether its system design, requirement specification, or community development Cryptocate helps you to understand and meet your requirements. We love working with projects of all sizes to explore the limits of what is currently possible, bringing an innovative mindset to practical solutions.


Are you frequently publishing content that represents your brand and ideas? Our technical editing service works with you to clearly articulate your message, without losing your personal voice. Cryptocate’s deep understanding of blockchain technology and experience in education, ensures that publications of all sizes are coherent and digestible.


Education is the key to adoption, especially in a space as widely misunderstood as blockchain. We have dedicated ourselves to deepening the corporate and public understanding of blockchain and dispelling myths by running workshops and seminars.

We offer custom education services and consulting to upskill your organisation with cutting edge blockchain knowledge, tailored to your particular business vertical. We keep your organisation agile and informed in the wave of disruption.