We've partnered with Blockgeeks to offer our community discounted access to their range of cryptocurrency and blockchain education!

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Education is the key to success – especially in a space as complex as and ever-changing as cryptocurrency!

We have dedicated ourselves to deepening investors’ understanding of cryptocurrencies and the technology backing them, by facilitating high level education courses developed by Blockgeeks – the world’s leading blockchain education company.

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Blockgeeks have offered the Cryptocate community discounted access to their cryptocurrency and blockchain education packages.


Blockgeeks are an internationally recognised provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency education and have a wide range of content suitable for all levels. Whether you’re just starting, or are looking to expand on your exisiting knowledge, Blockgeeks have a learning stream for you.

Blockgeeks have offered our community discounted access to their yearly subscription package, meaning that you can gain access to the entire Blockgeeks library for less than $100 a year!

We’re passionate about supporting people on their journey and facilitate an online support channel where subscribers can discuss course content with others as well as have any questions answered directly by our experts.


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