Peace of mind was hard to come by in the Wild West of digital assets, so we created a dedicated service that minimises your asset’s exposure to theft and loss.

Our Cryptocurrency Security Setup utilises state of the art technology to create a highly secure environment through which to store and transact digital assets.

Our Service

Cryptocate helps you get setup to invest in cryptocurrency securely, all in one easy session!


We meet with you to assess the security of your cryptocurrency trading accounts and take practical steps to ensure you are equipped to interact with your cryptocurrency in a safe and efficient manner, with the highest level of security.

Throughout this process we will provide you with:

  • Account setup with reputable cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Information on best practises for transferring cryptocurrency
  • Hardware setup and backup
  • Ongoing support through our online channels

Every person is different, so we pride ourselves on being able to provide a custom solution to every client at no added cost.


Are you in need of our service or would like to learn more?

Our security setup is available for $299. To ensure your assets are properly secured, contact us for an obligation-free, first discussion today!

If you’re a business owner and would like to offer cryptocurrency support to your clients, talk to us about becoming part of our partner network.