With an office in Adelaide, and the ability to produce relevant documentation remotely, Cryptocate assist investors from all over Australia to declare their cryptocurrency trading activity.

Cryptocate’s Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting Service ensures that you accurately report capital gains this financial year, and become compliant with the ATO – the cost of this service is recognised as accounting fees, and is a tax deductible!


Peace of mind was hard to come by in the Wild West of digital assets, so we created a dedicated service that minimises your cryptocurrency’s exposure to theft and loss.

We assess the security of your cryptocurrency accounts and take practical steps to ensure you have the highest level of security, while educating you on best practises.


Cryptocate offers tailored 1-on-1 support for cryptocurrency requirements such as storage and transferring best practices, finding lost coins and wallets, or setting up coin staking, masternodes, and any other personal projects.

If you are located in Adelaide, our consultants can provide in-person support at our office -or in the comfort of your own home. If you’re from interstate or another country, you can book a time to receive support over the phone.